My Grandmother

Many of you already know that two weeks ago my grandmother, affectionately known as “Momma Lew”, passed away and is now at home with our Lord. As sad as it was for us, her going home was a bit of a joyous occasion. She was no longer in pain, and the love that she shared with us all will always live on with us.

On a few occasions, I tend to write hokey poems. As I said at her memorial, I get older but my poems stay the same age. This poem is dedicated to my bubbly, always happy grandmother, Momma Lew.

My Grandmother

My grandmother was famous for her cooking
She was famous for her charm
She’d bake you up some brownies
And she let you run into her arms

Houston, attractive, urban cityMy grandmother could play the piano
And she could run a tight ship
On holiday’s she’d have us all sing carols
And read scripture from the Bible, all without any lip.

My grandmother loved fishing
She loved to be outside
She taught me how to hook a worm
And she taught me to appreciate the sunshine

My grandmother could tell a story
All real and good ones too
She’d tell you about treasures and ghosts
And talk about pirates who’d appear out of the blue

My grandmother lived the life
A wife, a mother, and grand kids
She loved her family with all her heart
But her true feelings she never hid.

I’ve always loved my grandmother
It seemed like she was always there
Birthdays, proms, and graduations
One person, with a smile, who seemed to be everywhere

If there’s one thing I’d want you to know about my grandmother
It’s that she was always the happiest person in the room
Her giggly spirit, her loving laughs, and honest wit
Would always brighten the darkest room

Now my grandmother’s in heaven
Dancing with family all that she can
She loved life, she loved her family
But mostly, she loved her man!

The kids came to visit! (Parental units came along too. But, mostly for the diaper changing.)

Wes, Kari, Grace, and Abby came to visit this weekend. It was so much fun. They arrived on Friday and we were able to see some small parts of the town. We ate and listened to music on the green at the Promenade, visited Charlotte’s children’s library, ImagineOn, at at Pikes, went to Elevation Church, ate at the Penguin, the Roasting Company, and enjoyed our last meal together this morning at Krispy Kreme.

The girls are so wonderful to be around. They are always so happy, cheerful, and incredibly endearing. Continue Reading

My best and worst haircuts ever

Who would have thought that my best and worst haircuts of my life are now far behind me? And tragically these are by far my favorite pictures of myself. Ha!

My Newest Painting

I snapped this photo last week in Beaufort. At first it didn’t look so cool. But, after a few edits with Photoshop, I think I have my newest painting for my house. I’ll be printing this on canvas soon. The only problem is, which rendition is best?

Cast your vote below and help me decide.

Red Toned

Black Toned (slightly different swirls)

Which pic do you prefer?

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Pics from Thanksgiving

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this fall. These are just a handfull of the bazillion photos we took of Grace and Abby in DC and Beaufort. These girls are so much fun to be around. Great medicine!