Every since my buddy Yerg purchased a pop-art styled painting of Jeff Buckley from a local artist for $500 I’ve been on a mission to figure out how the artist creates his work. The pop-art is more of a shadowed, posterized effect. So, I started playing with Photoshop until I figured out an easy way to create the same effect.

I loved Yerg’s paintings, but couldn’t see myself paying a guy $500 for something I could do myself… or almost myself. I got pretty close. I played around a few times with Photoshop’s image adjuster, then I read a few online tutorials. Today, I think I figured it out.

It still takes a bit of work in Photoshop. And, I imagine that the painter still has to do some sort of photo transfer or tracing from an overhead projector to get this on canvas. But, I’m pretty excited at getting this far.

I think I have my new family project. The photo above is of my parents. My goal is to add each one of my brothers. This should make for some incredible wall art.


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