This weekend I was flipping channels and ended up on Current TV. I was working on the laptop simultaneously, so I didn’t have the volume up too much. But, I stopped on Current TV because they apparently were running a set of skateboard themed pods. One of the coolest things to have on TV in the background, in my opinion, is skateboarding and surfing videos. Something about it that just soothes the soul, even just having it on in the background.

In this reel of endless skateboarding pods, one caught my attention (embedded below). It was a highlight on Christian Hosoi, skateboarding’s first real super star.

This clip got me interested in his documentary, and I found it on Youtube. It’s a great story of redemption. This man was on top of his world, tempted by drugs and women, and eventually fell so low that he was arrested and sent to federal prison for a 10 year sentence.

“I don’t need God, I need a lawyer.”

It’s amazing how God made himself known to Christian Hosoi at the moment he breathed these words. Watch the movie below to see how.

“It’s a movie about second chances. It’s a movie of hope.”