My Newest Painting

I snapped this photo last week in Beaufort. At first it didn’t look so cool. But, after a few edits with Photoshop, I think I have my newest painting for my house. I’ll be printing this on canvas soon. The only problem is, which rendition is best?

Cast your vote below and help me decide.

Red Toned

Black Toned (slightly different swirls)

Which pic do you prefer?

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Has the DVD player become outdated?

It was just two years ago that the big box stores (Walmart, Best Buy, and Circuit City) were selling DVD players for $20 on Black Friday. Seemed DVD sales were at an all time high. And to stem this surge in sales, the media providers wanted every household to have a DVD player. Heck, they wanted every TV to have a DVD player.

But, now two years have passed. We have YouTube. Video on Demand has become more available with digital cable. Cable companies, broadcast channels, and online portals are all working hard to deliver video to the consumer with more ease. Videos can now be viewed on iPods, cell phones, and a number of digital devices. Within the past two years video has somehow leaped from the TV to inside your pocket.

Technology is surging. Progress is moving at lightning speed. And within the past year, I realized that I rarely use my DVD player anymore.

Is it me, or has Blockbuster become more of a gaming store than a movie rental hub? HDTV’s have pushed cable subscribers to upgrade to the HD cable tiers which require both digital cable, and often are packaged with all the premium movie packages. (My parents must have 50 movie channel options with DirecTV). When wanting to watch the newest movie rental, I no longer head to Blockbuster. I simply use my cable company’s video on demand.

You get the picture here? (no pun intended) :)

How often do you watch movies with your DVD player?

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You pick the logo

Ok. It’s time for a reader poll. This will really have no real outcome whatsoever. But, I’m rather just wanting to get a validation of my thoughts. (keeping on the ‘wisdom of the mobs’ theme). Below I have included a few variations of the logo. We’re playing with a few themes lately in our upcoming redesign, and thought I’d let everyone voice their opinion of their favorite logo. Some are old, some are self made, some professionaly done, some I like, some I don’t. But, the question now is, what do you think?

1. Yellow Door - Yellow Door
2. Target Door - Target Door
3. Roofline - Roofline
4. Color Door - Color Door
5. Picket Fence - Picket Fence

Vote Now.

Which logo do you like best

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