Editing and proofreading service.

My good friend, Greg Rickabaugh, has launched a new online service, ReadMyPaper.com. It’s an editorial and proofreading service. Greg and his team of seasoned editors and journalists will review your website, school papers, business papers, and resumes for very low fees. Some services are as low as $2/page.

From the site…

In the rapid production of internet content and expanding globalization, most of today’s public and shared documents are poorly written. RMP will proofread your websites, edit your press releases, review your business correspondence, edit your school papers, and fine tune your resume. Allow our team of experienced news editors to manually review each line of your work. RMP will review your documents for grammatical mistakes, common misspelled words, run on sentences, sentence fragments, and misused phrases. At RMP, we want you to produce writings which make sense, are easy to understand, and clearly communicates your message. You write it. We right it.

If you’re suspect of your own writing, give Greg and the professionals at ReadMyPaper.com a try.

Instant Jukebox – iPod styled web music player

Want to hear a song you haven’t heard in a while? Frustrated that you don’t have all your favorite music with you at work? Or, just bored? Head on over to BlogMusik.net. BlogMusik says it provides “music on demand” and is a “web radio”. I love it. I only hope that it doesn’t get shut down, as there doesn’t appear to be any language about licensing permissions. But, it’s a great site for the time being, and one that should be allowed to stay open, IMHO.

It appears that BlogMusik is just a big archive of music sitting on random servers. But, the iPod-esque flash player is really robust. You can instantly search thru its archives, songs play instantly. You can even send links to specific songs to friends via a unique URL. And if you do their simple registration, you can save songs to playlists.

Just more cool stuff brought to you by our good friend – the internet! :)

Move Along

I know that this song has been out for a while. But, I like it. Plus, I think it has a good message to it. All American Rejects – Move Along.

I’m a good handshaker

For those of you whoe like HIMYM (that’s
How I Met Your Mother
for the un-hip), this line stuck with me.

here’s the thing about mistakes. sometimes, even when you know something’s a mistake. you gotta make it anyway. …even really, really dumb mistakes

I never wanted any of it to change. — But, that’s not how life works.